Aarf House

Homestyle Dog Lodging

Fun for your dog. Peace of mind for you.

Whether duty calls or the world beckons, you need to know your dog is well cared for while you’re away. We’d love to do that for you.

Our unique dog lodging is unlike any other available in Salt Lake City: Your dog stays in our clean, comfy, centrally-located Salt Lake City “doggy B & B” with a large yard to play in. That is, when she’s not out romping with friends on one of our great hikes.

Lodging Details

We know your dog(s) are beloved members of your family and, like you, we want them to be happy, safe, and comfortable when you are away! The Aarf House is a realization of our long-term dream to provide homestyle dog lodging for them so they don’t ever have to be in a kennel or a crate, or ever be left alone or stressed. This is the first of its kind in Salt Lake City, and it’s already very “pupular” with our guests and their humans! Our goal is to provide quality care, in small numbers, for all types and ages of dogs. Puppies who need reinforcement of housetraining and lots of supervision, highly active dogs who need to a lot to keep them entertained and happy, convalescing dogs who need to be quiet yet supervised after surgery or illness, shy dogs who enjoy having company but prefer to find a quiet corner in which to cuddle when they need their space, elderly dogs who want a quiet place to relax but need to get outside frequently to potty, and all other dogs will find our homestyle lodging to be so fun and so comfortable that you’ll be happy to leave them with us while you’re away, knowing they’ll be happy too.

Lodging at the Aarf House is limited to only 13 dogs per day in order to provide maximum attention to and care for each dog. Major holidays book up quickly, so book your dog’s reservation now!


**STARTING OCTOBER 1st 2022***

Rates are $65 per day/overnight. For an additional fee a one-hour hike each day can be added for $25. The one hour hike is an optional service per day for only $25 per day. A Two hour hike is $45.

On the last day

If your dog(s) go home by 9 am there is no charge.

The charge is $45 if they go home by 1 pm and $55 if they go home by 5 pm. 

Late Checkout 5-7 pm $50 (must be approved in advance) 

Holiday fee of is an additional $10 per dog on all national holidays. Peak rates my apply. 

Day Care

Day Care hours are 7:30-5:30 

Keep these hours in mind when you drop off your dog. 

$40 Full Day (Anything over 4 hours.) 8 HOUR MAX

$30 Half Day (up to 4 hours)

Spaw Services

  • Basic bath $20
  • Ear cleaning $15
  • Nail trim $15

Our popular loyalty program will continue as always. Points will accrue each time your dog stays with us, and we redeem them automatically for your credit on subsequent invoices. 

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Why board your dog at the Aarf House? 

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