General Manager / Hiker Extraordinaire / Pet Care Specialist

I am a single mom that loves the outdoors and to share my love of the outdoors with my adorable daughter. I have always loved and cared for the well-being and happiness of all animals especially our beloved pets. I couldn’t live without camping.

What is your favorite part about working for Aarf? 

My favorite part about working for Aarf is the animals that I get to care for. They bring me happiness and joy as I try to bring happiness and joy to their lives. One of my favorite parts of our business is the Aarf House. It's an amazing experience to be able to have the dogs be boarded in the type of environment we provide.

How long have you been with Aarf?

5/6 years I think

Tell us about a funny dog sitting/hiking story if you have one. 

The funniest story I have is when I was staying with my daughter at a client's house with a Australian Shepherd named Piper. Piper loved to keep away. She would take your items and keep them away from you while you chased her around the living room before you figure the only way to get that item back is to trade her a treat. While we were staying there one morning my daughter was getting dressed. Piper decided that Danielle needed to play a game of keep away with her underwear, at least they were clean. Piper running around the front room with my daughter's little tiny underwear hanging out of her mouth while Danielle chased her around the couch brought me and my daughter so much laughter! Believe me it was funnier than it sounds.

What is your favorite hike in Salt Lake?

As much as I love hiking with dogs my favorite Hiking Salt Lake is anywhere up Millcreek without any dogs!