Dog Walking

Big fun for your dog. Big relief for you.

Aarf is one of Salt Lake’s most well-established and dependable dog walking companies. You can focus on the day’s tasks, knowing that a professional Aarf team member is caring for your dog.

Walk Details

  • Where? We take dogs to romp, play, and tucker out at the local open spaces and hiking trails. We return them home ready for a low key evening with you.
  • When? Unlike most dog walking companies, we walk weekdays and weekends both. We require a minimum 2 walks per week commitment, but if you need us more, even on weekends, we’re here.
  • How Long? Every dog is guaranteed a minimum of 45-60 minutes of play time, and if the day is just right we may stay out even longer.
  • Group Size? Your dog will play with a maximum of 5-7 carefully chosen friends.
  • Walk Times? We start picking dogs up at 9am and everyone is home by 5pm. We cannot guarantee specific walk times, but we try to accommodate requests wherever possible.

Walking Fees

  • $18 per walk
  • And $20 for two dogs from same home
  • Discounts for regularly scheduled walks more than twice a week

Or save with our fixed monthly rates:2 walks/week: $225 ($28.12/ walk)

  • 3 walks/ week: $320 ($26.67/ walk)
  • 4 walks/ week: $400 ($25/ walk)
  • 5 walks/ week: $450 ($22.50/ walk)

Ready to send your dog out to play?

Email  or call 801-647-8249 for a complimentary meet and greet.

Join The Aarf Pack!

Here’s how we’ve become one of Salt Lake’s best and most respected dog walking companies:

  • Fun, safe walks: While out there having fun, we use only positive-based training techniques to build strong recalls, reinforce good manners, and keep everyone safely together.
  • Accountability: We’ve always strived for transparency in all we do. Working as a team, there are always extra eyes on every service, and a culture of encouraging each other to reach for our A games, every day. And we know where your dog is at every moment through constant communication with the team.
  • Walking the right dogs together: We screen dogs for safety and compatibility. Whether your dog loves a good game of ball, a fast-paced trek, or a leisurely stroll, we’ll make sure his group mates are a great match for the most fun possible.
  • Walking neighborhood dogs together: We team dogs up with well-matched friends from their own neighborhoods, reducing time in the car and getting dogs off leash and having fun faster.
  • More than walking: We keep things moving, engage dogs in play and socialization and basic manners training, and explore different places to keep it interesting.
  • A tight-knit, top-notch team: We have incredible, dedicated, knowledgeable dog pros taking care of clients and their dogs. And working as a long-standing team allows us to provide the flexibility, consistency, and reliability our clients depend upon.
  • Responsible practices in parks and neighborhoods and on the trails: We practice good dog walking etiquette. We always scoop poop, we use biodegradable bags to do it, we walk only well-adjusted and friendly dogs, and we even carry out trash with us!
  • The extra mile: This is our mantra! Whether it’s picking your dog up from the vet or dropping him off en route to or from his walk, or staying out a little longer on a beautiful sunny day, we always look for opportunities to go above and beyond to make life better for you, your pets, and our community! Our staff has stopped to help find a lost dog’s family, helped other dog walkers with issues, met a client at their home when they’ve locked themselves out, picked up a dog at the airport, and even brought a client her needed belongings when she was unexpectedly hospitalized! We all want to help, and will do whatever we can, whenever we can. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s good karma!
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