Feedback from pet owners fuels our passion

In our tech-connected world, where we wield computers from our pockets and wrists while social media connects communities with dizzying speed, referrals by peers and reviews from regular people have changed the face of business.

Instead of so-called experts picking winners and losers, regular customers have been empowered like never before to elevate or excoriate small businesses with a few keystroke taps. Now, anyone with an iPhone and an opinion has a host of forums to register online business reviews, which often reverberate.

For all of us at Aarf Pet Care, having frequent and transparent communication with our pet owners is part of our passion. We know your dogs and cats are beloved family members and that leaving them in the hands of strangers is stressful.

For that reason we take strides to assemble the most dedicated team of dog and cat lovers who also are knowledgeable about effective pet care techniques and routines. Ensuring the health, happiness and well-being of each pet each day is our business model — along with taking hikes and having fun.

We also make it a priority to give you daily report cards — and photos — so you can see how your pet did with Aarf. Building trust and having you come back over and over is what it’s all about. After all, we want your pet’s stay to be a mini-vacation so you can fully enjoy yours. Or the business travel, day on the slopes, or overdue break.

So it warms our hearts when we receive your gracious reviews, whether it follows a kitty visit, dog hike or lengthy stay at Aarf House. Your kind words validate why Aarf Pet Care exists, and how we’ve become a unique option for customized pet care services in Salt Lake City.

Following is just a small sample of your superlative feedback:

“The crew at the Aarf House takes excellent care of my 1-year-old ridgeback (Samantha),” a client wrote this spring. “She gets great exercise, socialization and a ton of love with one-on-one interaction from the staff. It’s really helping her all-around development.”

Over and over, clients have praised our practice of issuing report cards and sending pictures. An example: “Your report cards are wonderfully reassuring,” a regular wrote. “Seeing photos and reading about Annie’s behavior helps us appreciate how the staff relate to her and how she relates to the other dogs. Nice to know how much you care about our family members.”

And from this summer: “Suzie and her staff at Aarf Pet Care are amazing! Noel, my golden retriever, gets the best care and I can go out of town with peace of mind knowing she is having a wonderful time!”

Then there’s this: “My dog officially likes staying at the Aarf House more than at mine! You all do a great job.”

Reading these each week is truly energizing. While we’d rather be on hikes than our devices, it has been nice to see the satisfaction from so many. So thank you for every kind word about Aarf — keep the comments coming — and know that we care deeply about your pet.