Michael Widener

Pet Care Specialist 

Tell us a little bit about yourself 

Dog walker/hiker from Hawaii. We moved to Murray, Utah to be close to family. My love of photography has been integrated with my love of dogs! If the dogs are having a have a good time, then so am I!

What is your favorite part about working for Aarf? 

My favorite thing about working with Aarf is we all believe a happy dog is a well exercised and socialized dog! 

If the dog is socialized thru out the day you will have a happier dog when you get home!  I love pooping them out! 

How long have you been with Aarf?

January 2024

Tell us about a funny dog sitting/hiking story if you have one. 

We would go on family vacations and everyone would bring their dogs. I would take all of them hiking up the Hana Coast of Maui. We would sometimes pass campers. And sometimes the campers, would leave their food on the ground….. the dogs thought it was for them! At the time I would think to myself, way back then, “If I only could make a living out of doing just this!” And I did! The last 10 years I’ve been working with dogs and loving every minute of it!

What jobs do you do for Aarf? 

I do dog walks and cat visits and work at the Aarf House

What is your favorite hike in Salt Lake? (With you without dogs)

My favorite hike is in the tropical mountains. Sometimes I would take the pack up to the waterfalls!