Marcy Morse

Pet Care Specialist 

Tell us a little bit about yourself : I am a senior at the University of Utah studying biology. After college I hope to go to graduate school. I am from Northern California, but came out here for school. My passions include hiking, climbing, skiing, and backpacking! I love my dog more than anything, he means the world to me :)

What is your favorite part about working for Aarf? 

I love working for Aarf because I love to hike with my dog, and it brings me even more joy to hike with more dogs! Especially because it makes more dogs happy and more people happy :)

How long have you been with Aarf?

June 2023

Tell us about a funny dog sitting/hiking story if you have one.

Two of the dogs I was hiking were chasing each other with a stick, but the stick was too big to really go down the path so they would turn it to try to be able to fit down the path. However, it’d keep clunking the trees and then one would pick it up and try to go for as long as they could until it’d hit a tree then the other would get and try the same thing.

What jobs do you do for Aarf? 

I dog hike :)

What is your favorite hike in Salt Lake?

My favorite hike is Neff’s canyon because of how beautiful the sensory is and the dogs all get to play in the water :)